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The Frenchams Group

Across Australia, The Frenchams Group equals professional for indoor and outdoor plant hire, rental, installation and maintenance.

The Frenchams Group has been greening offices and work spaces for generations, providing comprehensive, expert care to create a great indoors. With national expertise, local solutions and personal attention, The Frenchams Group delivers for a range of business in and around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and now Perth.

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Plants at work – creating healthy, contemporary interiors

All workplaces and indoor spaces can be lifted by the use of plants. The Frenchams Group are expert in creating an environment to suit any space – making a healthier, more attractive workplace which inspires employees and visitors. Providing a complete service from initial design to plant maintenance, Frenchams focuses on quality, personalised attention every step of the way.

Plants at work – for sustainable workplaces

The science is decisive on the use of plants to create healthier indoor spaces: indoor plants act as ‘clean air machines’, boosting productivity and improving every aspect of the environment.

The Frenchams Group has worked on many Green Star projects and can help you achieve Green Star Accreditation. Whether one or two point accreditation, we can select and calculate the required number of appropriate plants for you, as well as completing all necessary documentation.

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The Frenchams Group’s reputation as a quality supplier of indoor and outdoor plants is sound. Whether sales or hire (along with installation and maintenance), our proven track record of premium service is recognised throughout the industry.

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