Creating Contemporary Offices

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Create a contemporary office environment using our new striking indoor planter range.


The Frenchams Group is committed to identifying, designing and sourcing an ever expanding number of beautiful, contemporary planters to add to our range. We have designed a range of contemporary planters which are exclusive to our customers. New planters are specifically selected or designed for their suitability for use in office environments, whilst ensuring ongoing flexibility to meet client needs and current trends.

Our range includes desktop, floor and trough planters, and come in a variety of sizes and a wide range of colours. They will enhance any decor.

If you want to create an inspiring and contemporary office we would love to assist you.

Check out our planter range or contact us.

Dracaena Marginata - 1

Yucca Elephantipes - 2

Zanzibar Gem - 3

Sansivera - 4

Liriope Muscari - 5

Raphis Excelsa - 6

Golden Palm - 7

Kentia Palm - 8

Peace Lilly - 9

Happy Plant - 10

Dracaena Janet Craig - 11

Contemporary Cube / Square

Contemporary Wedge

Contemporary Curved Cone /
Blush Drop

Contemporary Curved Cone /
Blush Drop


Tall Blush Drop

Contemporary Crucible

Contemporary Cone

Contemporary Crucible

Contemporary Wedge

Flora Pot