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Case Study – Aurizon QLD

The Client

Aurizon is Australia’s largest rail freight operator and a top 100 ASX company. Each year, Aurizon transports more than 250 million tonnes of Australian commodities — connecting miners, primary producers, and industry with international and domestic markets.

Frenchams are fortunate to have been successful in engaging services with Aurizon, assisting to ‘green’ their newly built Ann Street and refurbished Brooke Street sites.

The Challenge

Being a newly built site, Frenchams had to work with architects, designers, cabinet makers, project managers and builders to ensure that we delivered the vision for the client.

The site contained many inbuilt overhead joinery units that plants had to be interested into. Due to the tight space, Frenchams developed and designed a clip-off fascia board so that plants could be installed and serviced with little disruption to staff in future.

There was also a requirement for a “Green Wall” to be placed inside an artistic version of the Aurizon logo. The shape had its challenges as it was not a standard green wall design. Our team came up with a solution to hang multiple planters in the allowed space to give the effect of a green wall whilst minimizing the complications.

Our experienced and highly trained staff installed over 200 plants into a void space that requires harness work. We developed a detailed and site-specific SWMS for the installation process, also the ongoing maintenance.

The volume of plants for the site posed its own problems. Frenchams worked closely with several wholesale nurseries in the South-East Queensland area to have plants specially grown in irrigation systems for this project 6 months in advance. We utilised a transport company that we have a long-standing relationship with to assist with installing the plants over a 6 hour period out of hours, with around 20 staff from QLD and NSW.
The Results

Frenchams were able to secure thousands of plants and install them within the set deadline, with minimal disruption to the site and other teams already in the building. The project team at Frenchams worked closely with CBRE and Aurizon all the way through the project ensuring that even the smallest issue was ironed out as it was identified.

Our client is highly satisfied with the result Frenchams have been able to deliver by creating a vibrant, green space for their staff.

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