Frenchams Services

The Frenchams Group equals professional for indoor and outdoor plant hire, rental, installation and maintenance

For your indoor plant hire needs

  • Quality indoor plant hire and maintenance
  • Indoor and outdoor plant design & landscaping
  • Free quotes, site inspections & design advisory service
  • Assistance with attaining Green Star accreditation
  • Hire and maintenance of a wide range of plants and planters
  • Servicing - offices, foyers, reception areas, private clubs, hotels, motels, shopping centres, retail stores and showrooms

Hire and maintenance service includes regular visits by a qualified technician for:

  • Watering
  • Cleaning
  • Fertilising
  • Trimming
  • Control of plant pests and diseases
  • Replacement of deteriorating plants as necessary

Green Star Accreditation

The Green Building Council Australia has recently included indoor plants in their assessment for Green Star rating for new commercial building designs. Incorporating indoor plant installations are an industry acknowledgement of how indoor plants, acting as clean air machines, create healthy workplaces. Indoor plants can score 2 credit points towards the office interiors rating - the equivalent of interior lighting.

The Frenchams Group is a member of the Green Building Council Australia and the National Interior Plantscape Association. We are Green Star Accredited Professionals and our team offers expert, personal customer service.

For further information and details of how the Frenchams Group can be of service to you please contact us.