Indoor Plant Hire Melbourne, Victoria

The Frenchams Group provides indoor plant hire and maintenance throughout Melbourne  and regional Victoria. We’re proud to offer a large range of greenery options to suit all  sectors and building typologies

With many years of experience in plant hire and maintenance, we have the relevant  experience and capability to provide the optimum planting solution to meet your project’s  requirements and vision. 

We’re committed to providing premium quality plants, expert installation and reliable maintenance services to ensure your plants stay looking great all year round. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about why we provide indoor plant services Melbourne businesses can’t get enough of. Complete our convenient online form for a complimentary indoor plant hire consultation with one of our team members.


Why hire indoor plants for your Melbourne business?

There are many benefits to hiring indoor plants for your commercial or office space. By hiring greenery, you don’t need to budget for the initial expense of purchasing established plants.  We also provide maintenance services, meaning your team won’t have to worry about caring for the plants. 

The Frenchams Group offers indoor plant hire and maintenance, which Victorian businesses can rely on. We’ll work closely with you to find the right type of indoor plants for your space so you get the most out of your greenery. 

In addition to bringing life and colour to your space, plants can provide many other great qualities. Indoor plants have also been shown to provide many practical benefits that are often overlooked, such as stress reduction, improved concentration, and improved air quality


Services The Frenchams Group provides 

We don’t just provide indoor plant hire, we offer a full-service solution for your indoor  plantscaping needs. Whether it’s design, installation, or maintenance, we have you covered.  Services The Frenchams Group can provide to Melbourne businesses include: 

  • Indoor plant hire 
  • Indoor plant maintenance (including watering, trimming, fertilising, and pest and  disease control) 
  • Office plant design consultation 
  • Plant and pot selection advice 
  • Lighting for plants 
  • Plant design and landscaping for indoor and outdoor plants 
  • Replacement of any deteriorating plants 
  • Assistance with attaining Green Star accreditation 

Want to find out more about how we can assist with your indoor plant hire, maintenance, and associated services? Get in touch with The Frenchams Group today.


Our simple indoor plant hire process

At The Frenchams Group, we make the process from contact to installation simple and straightforward. This process is as follows: 

Stage one: plant design and consultation

The initial stage of our process involves a consultation with one of our experienced designers. During the design and consultation phase, we’ll take into account your space requirements and layout. We’ll perform a site visit, take measurements if needed, and chat with you about your budget and any must-have plants and planters on your Brief. 

Stage two: installation 

Once our designers have assessed your space, we’ll draw up a custom proposal. This will include plant and product recommendations tailored for your commercial or office space.  We’re also happy to collaborate with an interior designer or architect of your choosing for more complex jobs. 

Stage three: expert installation 

The next stage involves our expert team heading on-site to begin the installation. While on-site, we’ll do our best to minimise the impact we have on your day-to-day operations. Our team will also take appropriate measures to ensure your furniture, flooring, and other items remain protected during the installation. 

Stage four: indoor plant maintenance 

After the installation is complete, you’ll have an array of beautiful plants to brighten up your space. To keep them looking their best, we suggest adding on our plant maintenance services so they’re cared for by professionals. These services include pruning, watering,  cleaning, fertilising, and pest and disease control. As part of this package, we’ll also replace any plants that are deteriorating so that the plant aesthetics always looks fresh. Plant maintenance will be conducted on a schedule that works for your business, with the intention of minimal disruption to your workflow. 


Where to find us 

Our Victorian office can be found at 21 Wadhurst Drive, Boronia, VIC 3155.


About The Frenchams Group in Victoria 

The Frenchams Group is a family-owned and operated Australian business, servicing the  Australian landscaping industry for over 125 years. We are now the oldest and most reputable plantscaping company operating throughout Australia, dating back to 1889, when Les Frencham began working in the nursery industry. In 1987, Les Frenchams’ great-grandson Peter Gerraty expanded the business into other states and the Victorian branch is now headed by his son Tony Gerraty.

Tony’s knowledge of the health benefits of plants in the workplace has led him to be an advocate for creating green workplaces for a healthier workforce. As a member of the Green  Building Council Australia, we are committed to providing clients with healthier indoor air quality through the creative use of indoor plants. 

Under the leadership of family members, we have created a solid foundation for the company with our long-term stability and shared values. Each member of our loyal workforce takes pride in the amount of time and degree of expertise we invest, to ensure that our  customer’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded. 

The last few years have seen a rapid growth in the Victorian business. Under Tony’s  guidance the company has thrived, until it now services the needs of thousands of  customers in Melbourne, Geelong & beyond, helping our clients to achieve healthier and  more productive workspaces. 


Our other locations 

Along with our Victorian office, The Frenchams Group has several other offices across  Australia. These locations are: 

New South Wales

111-113 Deakin Street 
Silverwater NSW 2128 


Western Australia

23 Millrose Drive 
Malaga WA 6069



1/27 Millennium Place
Tingalpa QLD 4173


Contact The Frenchams Group

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to find out more about adding greenery to your business or office space. 

Get in touch and find out why we provide indoor plant hire Victorian businesses love.

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