When it comes to indoor plant hire Perth services, Frenchams is the industry-leading company you have been looking for to help bring your workspace to life. Every office space deserves the luscious addition of indoor plants, and our plant hire team have extensive knowledge to help you incorporate plants into your office’s interior design. The presence of indoor plants will not only amplify the aesthetic appeal of your space but will also help to purify the air, enhancing the health and well-being of all employees.

As the experts in office plant hire Perth, we know that decorating your indoor space with plants is more than simply placing a plant in every corner. Instead, our indoor plant hire service offers you a comprehensive bespoke design plan. Some spaces will benefit most from oversized indoor plants, others from green walls spanning an otherwise blank canvas; whatever your space, we will work with you to transform your environment into an indoor plant haven. Our indoor plant hire service means you can incorporate an array of greenery in a cost effective manner.

A comprehensive indoor plant hire service

From initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and installation, we take care of every facet of the process, ensuring that you are in the best hands (or green thumbs, if you will). If you have had office plants in the past that have suffered at the hands of employees either overwatering or forgetting to water them, you are in luck.

Frenchams offer plant maintenance so that your staff don’t need to worry about watering or pruning and can spend their time focusing on what matters. As part of our indoor plant hire service, our plant technicians will stop by to maintain your landscapes, which includes replacing indoor plants that may need refreshing. We don’t just supply plants – we nurture, maintain, and care for your office plants.

History of our indoor plant hire company

Matthew Gerraty, a fifth-generation family member and the grandson of Peter Gerraty, pioneered our Perth office with passion and dedication. As Western Australia is a state that has gone through many changes in recent times, our Perth office has seen the advantage of displaying our green credentials, and many of our clients have come to recognise the many benefits (health and ecological) that a space filled with lush greenery offers.

Matthew has worked hard to establish and maintain valuable relationships with a number of local architects and designers, who assist us with designing joinery and creating planting scenarios for our clients. Frenchams WA has gained an excellent reputation as a solutions provider for all things green, and as a result, our business is growing steadily.

Why opt for plant hire?

A lot of businesses are beginning to opt for plant hire services instead of purchasing their plants outright. Not only is plant hire a more cost effective way of incorporating plants into your office space, but it also allows your staff to avoid the hassle of maintenance. Furthermore, plant hire allows your business to change the plants regularly. With Frenchams, you can have an office full of plants without the upfront cost. Plant hire is a sustainable and easy way to enhance your office or offices. Of course, the addition of plants to offices also helps create a healthier and happier ambience for your staff. By bringing a touch of nature to your Perth office, your team can benefit from enhanced productivity.

Get in touch

Frenchams, having operated in this industry for years, understands the nuanced needs of businesses in Perth. So, if you are looking to transform your office space, and create a haven of shrubs and greenery, get in touch and let’s get started!

We understand that every Perth office is different, so we offer plant solutions to suit every space. Our packages can be tailored to small businesses and large corporate spaces alike. Our plant hire team is more than happy to discuss any questions or queries, so please don’t hesitate to call or email us, and we can begin your indoor plant journey.

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