Indoor Plant Design Resources for Designers

We have a wide range of support material and resources to assist designers with any project. Below are resources of downloadable support material. Anything you need, we are here to help!

Corporate office corridor with plants in large planters
The Frenchams Group Brochure

Frenchams have an extensive range of planters, plants and indoor green wall systems and options which are all outlined in this brochure. For more information, simply give us a call to discuss your project or book a free onsite consultation. Our friendly team of horticulturalists can advise you on the best planters to suit your needs and complement your décor.

Frenchams Green Walls Brochure

With so much versatility, Frenchams Green Wall systems can transform virtually any bare office wall into living art. Better yet, our trained staff will optimise plant health and take care of everything for you which promises a hassle-free green wall system.

Desktop Plant Brochure

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of plants that enrich every office space. Whether you’re looking for a desktop or speciality plant, we are sure to have an option that will dramatically enhance your office environment. Call us to discuss your requirements, and we can assist you with selections while taking into account light levels, plant size and purpose.

Floor Plant Brochure

With an array of quality plant choices that enhance an office space we’ll have a selection to achieve the perfect outcome. Call us to discuss your requirements, and we can assist you with selections while taking into account light levels, plant size and purpose.

Desktop & Floor Planter Range

View our beautiful range of unique desktop and stunning floor planters, which have all have been elegantly designed to enhance the décor of your workplace. Whether you place them at your workstation, meeting room, office or at Reception, these modern planters are bound to fulfil your plantscaping vision.

Curved Planter Range

With rounded planters in vogue, Frenchams have one to suit any location.

Square Planter Range

Highlight your office aesthetic and give your plants a home with our range of modern square planters, designed to exemplify any space.

Trough & Concrete Range

Trough planters are a versatile addition to any office and offer a convenient and stylish option to show off your plants.
With concrete planters being the newest trend Frenchams have a style to enhance your office.

Wall / Hanging & Green Wall Range

Everyone has a different interpretation of a green wall, so Frenchams have a solution to suit every plantscaping vision.

Large Commercial Planters

A range of large planters ideally suited to shopping centres, building foyers or large open spaces.
Check with your Frenchams state office for availability.

Pot Sizing Guide

When designing planter units, it’s important to accommodate a sealed pot inside, to minimise any water issues. Sealed pots are available in standard sizes. Follow this guide to choose the perfect sized seal pot, to fit within your planter unit.

Also see our Joinery Construction Guide for additional information.

Joinery Planter Construction Guide

Constructing bespoke planters in a commercial environment requires features to ensure moisture or water leakage doesn’t become a problem.
Using some simple methods during the design & build of such planters will prevent problems for the client & allows plants to be easily changed if required.

Use this document in conjunction with our Pot Sizing Guide.

Plants At Work - Design Resource

Frenchams support interior designers and architects nation-wide, offering design solutions and advice on plants, planters and green walls. We can assist with specifications on joinery and pot sizing for any project, and help you bring your vision to life.

Our Iron-Clad Risk Free Guarantee

We’re so confident in our quality service, that if you ever encounter any problem at all with our plants—or even if you’re not completely satisfied—we’ll replace them at zero cost to you.
You have absolutely nothing to lose when choosing Frenchams as your plantscape provider.

Transform your commercial space.