Indoor plant hire Sydney & New South Wales

Create the perfect green space in your office, business, or work environment and choose indoor plant hire. It’s the simple way to introduce quality indoor plants that work for your environment.


Why indoor plants are beneficial for commercial spaces

In the bustling commercial spaces of Sydney, indoor plants serve as so much more than decor. These create a vibrant, healthy, and engaging environment. Scientific studies have consistently shown that plants in workspaces boost creativity and productivity, reduce stress, and improve air quality, leading to healthier (and happier) employees. 

Beyond the health benefits, plants add an aesthetic charm that can transform any corporate space into a welcoming and inspiring environment. This natural touch is one that resonates with both customers and employees, creating not only a positive work culture but a better brand reputation.

At Frenchams, we specialise in selecting the perfect plants to complement your commercial space, ensuring that they not only look beautiful but also contribute positively to the well-being and satisfaction of everyone who walks through your doors.

Commercial spaces and workplaces that benefit from indoor plants

There are so many commercial spaces and workplaces that benefit from indoor plants — and all for different reasons. From sleek corporate offices to bustling retail stores and cosy cafes to expansive hotel lobbies — plants bring a vitalising energy and a touch of nature. 

Office plants can enhance concentration and reduce stress, creating a more productive and peaceful workspace. Retail spaces enjoy an elevated aesthetic appeal, making shopping experiences more pleasant and memorable. And in hospitality settings like hotels and restaurants, plants create an inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall guest experience with their natural charm. 

Even healthcare facilities can see significant benefits, as plants contribute to a calming environment, essential for patient recovery and your team’s well-being. We understand the unique needs of different commercial spaces and provide tailored plant solutions to enhance each environment’s specific character and functionality.

  • Offices of all sizes
  • Foyers and waiting spaces
  • Reception areas
  • Private clubs
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Retail stores
  • Showrooms


Why choose Frenchams for Sydney indoor plant hire

We stand out from our competitors not only because of our dedicated staff and enviable product range but also for our approach, which is based on continual improvement. Our staff are thoroughly trained with a focus on WH&S and take care to maintain outstanding long-term customer relationships. We believe we have the recipe for success and will continue to aim high to ensure we hold our position as the leader in our industry.

Here’s why businesses across Sydney and NSW choose us for their plant hire.

We handle your ongoing maintenance

Our dedicated team ensures your plants remain vibrant and healthy, offering regular maintenance services that keep your space green and gorgeous without any hassle on your part. We offer free plant replacements if something goes wrong, too.

Indoor plants thoughtfully selected for your space

We curate a custom selection of plants tailored to your space’s specific conditions and your aesthetic preferences, ensuring each plant thrives in your environment. These are thoughtfully selected to suit your space and benefit your team and customers as well.

Convenient plant hire services

Enjoy a seamless and stress-free experience with our plant hire services, designed for maximum convenience, from selection and installation to maintenance and replacements.

Exceptional service

At Frenchams, exceptional service is our standard. Our team of experts is committed to providing personalised care and attention to every client, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

About our Sydney indoor plant hire team

The New South Wales branch of Frenchams was established in 1998 through the acquisition of several smaller companies. After we had the honour of being engaged as the main plant hire team for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Frenchams quickly became recognised as the plantscaping market leader in New South Wales.

A market leader in Sydney for decades

The driving force behind our success in NSW is a vision that our company must constantly evolve with the ever-changing market. That vision led to the research and development of many new indoor plant products, innovative solutions and superior outcomes for our customers.

We’ve been delivering indoor plants to Sydney for decades and have a high industry market share, backed by the New South Wales branch’s coordination of several national accounts managed by our Sydney office. 

Consistent growth

It’s this increasing demand that has, in turn, driven the need for additional resources, storage space, as well as workshop and administration facilities, which culminated in the development of a new purpose-built facility that opened in 2015. This new facility increased our efficiency and storage capacity to cater for larger installations, which will allow for the growth and development of Frenchams now and into the future.

Transform your office or workplace with indoor plant hire Sydney

We deliver plant hire services Sydney businesses count on to transform their indoor spaces.

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