Choosing the right Green Wall for your office space

Indoor Green walls provide a powerful visual statement to your clients and transform bare office walls into a vertical living garden. Not only are they visually stunning; green walls can also help to reduce the building temperature and purify the surrounding air, boost staff morale and create a lasting impression on all of your visitors.

Where to position a Green Wall in your office

living green wall is an evolving piece of art, one which changes over time and will have your office space looking fresh, modern and a welcoming place to be.

Green Walls allow your business to make a dramatic statement regardless of where they are placed, however some effective positions to consider is in the foyer or entrance of your building, hallway, reception area or meeting room.

Whether as a room divider or a feature wall, Frenchams has the expertise and resources to create and maintain green walls suitable for almost any purpose. All of our green wall solutions can be custom designed to meet your space and requirements. Our range starts with modular green wallsgrid frame green walls, wall hanging planters and everything in between.

What are the benefits of green walls?

Due to their soft nature and dense volume, plants imbedded into green walls have been proven to reduce and absorb sound in a busy place and ultimately help to create a calm and relaxing office environment.

The microcosm in the plants will also help to eliminate toxins, purify the air and increase oxygen levels. Extensive research by NASA found that indoor office plants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours.

In like matter, humans genuinely love to be in and amongst nature. The natural stage of plants and vegetation is linked with our DNA, so your indoor green wall is bound to have a calming effect on those nearby.

How to maintain your indoor office green wall

Green Walls do require a bit more care and attention than other plantscaping projects, however our team of professional horticulturalists can take care of all the maintenance for you. 

The most important maintenance stage for an indoor green wall is during the first year after installation.

Installing the green wall correctly with an irrigation system is essential, this will optimise plant health and ensure that the plants are constantly being kept hydrated. It also means that no plumbing or drainage is required which will maximise the use of water and ultimately help take the weight off your water bills.

From there, a member of our team will make regular visits to refill the water, prune, trim, fertilize, control plant pests and diseases, as well as replace deteriorating plants when necessary.

Our 75 years industry experience and hands-on approach means that we know exactly what’s required to establish and maintain all types of custom indoor green walls. Contact Frenchams today for a free onsite consultation.

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