Hiring plants for your office? These are the best plants for productivity.

Indoor plant hire is an amazing solution for businesses or offices where you want to introduce plants, but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to care for them.

When you hire plants, your plant provider will guide you through the selection of plants, in accordance with the place you have, your budget, the lighting inside, and the maintenance required.

Often, business owners will want indoor plant hire for a few reasons. These typically revolve around the aesthetic of the business and the productivity they’re said to bring.

So, which plants are the best for productivity at work?

How can plants possibly boost productivity in your office?

They clean the air

As plants go through their natural cycle of photosynthesis, some will naturally reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This causes an increase of the oxygen per carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The cleanliness of the air directly impacts the physical and mental health of your employees. This, in turn, has been proven to immediately boost productivity in the workplace.

Plants seriously impact mood

Plants are having a serious resurgence in popularity Elaborate green oases are becoming commonplace across homes and offices everywhere. It’s not just for the stunning look they provide though.

It’s because they have a serious impact on mood and it’s backed by science. Firstly, green is highly regarded as the most soothing colour on the colour wheel, according to colour psychologists.

But, secondly, the natural elements contribute to creating that positive mood around your office. We’ll explain more on that in the next section of this article though.

They boost creativity

Natural elements like plants, flowers, and even animals shift something inside of our brains. It’s called attention restoration theory (ART).

“Attention Restoration Theory (ART) suggests that mental fatigue and concentration can be improved by time spent in, or looking at nature,” says Professor Ruth Garside, from European Centre for Environment & Human Health.

It basically means that humans find nature relaxing. So, natural elements will typically lead to better concentration and alertness, as well as improved memory and accuracy in the task you’re completing.

It means that introducing plants and natural elements into your office leads to improved creativity and productivity.

Indoor plant hire Vs. purchasing the plants yourself

When you want plants for your office it can be tricky to decide which is better: hiring the plants or purchasing them yourself.

If you’re just planning to get a few small, potted plants for desks, then purchasing them outright is probably a better idea.

But as you ascend to filling your office up with plants for that full effect on productivity, looking into indoor plant hire can be really intelligent.

Indoor plant hire isn’t necessarily just hiring plants. It entails the full maintenance and care schedule for your plants.

From periodic repotting tasks to the routine watering and fertilising, and through to the placement of plants for the best sunlight and shade conditions to help them thrive. Our plant consultants will take care of it all on your behalf when you have a contract for indoor plant hire.

Particularly if you can’t rely on yourself or your team to maintain the plants, then indoor plant hire will typically work out cheaper than buying these outright. It reduces the turnover of plants that can often happen in these spaces. 

Plus, you’ll save on the labour associated with doing the maintenance yourself.

So, which plants are the best for productivity?

Snake Plants

Snake plants are a really great choice for low light offices. These thrive on neglect, low light and infrequent watering. So, they make for the perfect low light office plant.

Plants can be excellent for low light workplaces, where the natural element of light is already missing. You’ll boost productivity and your team’s morale by bringing nature into this previously unstimulating space.

Snake plants convert carbon dioxide overnight, creating fresher and healthier workplaces.

Rubber Plants

Rubber plants call for bright business spaces. They love plenty of bright light but don’t enjoy direct sunlight. The leaves tend to burn with too much direct sunlight but plenty of light is still required to keep them well-fed.

As you can imagine, these plants are fickle and while they offer an array of benefits around air quality and productivity, they do call for strict maintenance regimes. Leave it with us for a good looking office plant that thrives all year long.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies provide a beautiful aesthetic for your workplace. Their deep green colours and lush texturing provides a really pretty plant for your office.

Peace lilies are perfect for office environments because they absolutely love cold and dry environments. They also thrive on neglect.

It takes a decent amount of neglect for these plants to begin looking sad. Once they do though, you can just add some water and watch them bounce back up.

If your business or office has regular canine visitors, then you’ll need to position these up and away, out of their reach.

Peace lilies are quite toxic to cats and dogs and can cause them to become ill when the plant is ingested.

Cacti and succulents

If you have an office where indoor plant hire is out of your budget and you don’t have the time for maintenance, but you really want some plants around your office, cacti and succulent plants are your friends.

These plants thrive off of neglect and just need a little bit of light and a very occasional watering. 

You can pick up a seriously large variety of cacti and succulents to bring more colour and vibrancy into your workplace.

Forest-like plants

Plants that grow in a forest-like capacity are such an amazing way to introduce natural elements into your space that will pack a punch. 

Plants that grow out of their pots and spread or that simply grow in abundance introduce so much more greenery to your office. They can bring that “outside feeling” indoors, directly impacting your team’s mental health and their productivity. 

Monstera, swiss cheese, philodendron, and devil’s ivy plants are all amazingly forest-like plants to bring more nature inside. 

Interested in indoor plant hire for your business? Get in touch with our friendly team to request a booking.

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