Our top 5 plantscaping designs for reception areas

Our top 5 plantscaping designs for reception areas

Just as we form an opinion by simply looking at a person, most visitors will form an opinion about your business, based on how the reception area looks. The reception area needs to be welcoming, but also ooze oomph and emanate creativity.   

Plantscaping your reception area with greenery is an incredible way to create that WOW factor, as soon as clients or prospects step through the doors.

Below is our top five plantscaping designs, to help transform your reception or lobby area into a vibrant and innovative sanctuary, that employees look forward to working in, and clients can’t stop talking about long after they visit.

Green Walls

The most powerful visual statement you can make to your clients and potential clients, is to go green from the ground up with one of our innovative green walls. Green Walls make stunning feature walls, which are bound to WOW your clients as soon as they step through the door.

Each wall is custom made to suit your space, using different varieties of plants which can vary in colour, growth and flower, creating an oasis of tranquillity in your foyer or lobby. We offer a variety of different green wall designs, including modular green walls and grid frame green walls. Click here to learn more about our green wall range.

Floor Plants

Floor plants, depending on size, are often the closest you will get to having a tree in your office! Due to their fullness and height, they are a stunning way to fill up dead space in the corners of your foyer or off ice entrance. Browse through our alluring collection of indoor floor plants here; they are all bound to create an oasis of tranquillity in every nook their placed in

Well and hanging plants

Mount plants into the wall of your foyer, or hang them from the ceiling above your reception desk; either way they will look visionary and turn heads. Both designs allow you to be surrounded by the green goodness of plants, as will your clients as they wait in the lobby.

Imbedded into the reception desk

Frenchams collaborate with interior designers, to out companies and architects nationwide, to design unique and custom-made planters, which can be imbedded into your reception desk. Can you imagine having luscious plant life built into your desk?

Whether for a refurbishment or new build, we can integrete beautiful and contemporary designed planters into any office reception area.

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