The advantages of indoor plant hire

Have you ever wondered why your indoor office plants are not flourishing? You might be doing all the right things, including watering the plant regularly and ensuring it gets enough sunlight; however, keeping plants robust and flourishing requires a lot more than this. You need a professional horticulturalist who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to be able to prevent problems before they even occur.

Below are some of the reasons your indoor plants might not be prospering:
  • Choosing the wrong plant for your office temperature and lighting conditions
  • Not changing the soil frequently enough
  • Choosing the wrong pot size for your plant
  • Under watering or overwatering
  • Not fertilising your plant
  • Too much or too little sun light
  • Not grooming the plant
  • Not protecting your plants from pests

Partnering with a professional plant hire team gives you the freedom to enjoy your piece of nature indoors, while we handle the work. At the Frenchams Group, we can create a customised indoor planstscape design, tailored to your office aesthetic and space. We are experts on plants and understand exactly what it takes to keep them robust and flourishing for years to come. Better yet, our guaranteed maintenance program means that all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the greenery. Below are some of the advantages of indoor plant hire for your office:


Our experienced and well-trained consultants can help you choose the best plants for your designated environment. One of our friendly horticulturalists will visit you on site, evaluate the lighting conditions, as well as the general office aesthetic, temperature and use of the space. They will then make recommendations based on your design and budget. You can expect a range of high quality office plants to choose from, all suited to high, medium and low light environments, including greenery which can be imbedded into your walls, ceilings, desks or the floor plate.


Frenchams collaborate with interior designers, fit out companies and architects nationwide, to design unique and custom-made planters, joineries and fit-outs, tailored to suit your office aesthetic and space requirements. Whether for a refurbishment or new build, we can integrate beautiful and contemporary designed planters into any project, which are as functional as they are beautiful. Each planter has been individually crafted in response to the unique qualities of the plant that will inhabit it.


Our guaranteed maintenance program gives you the freedom to enjoy your piece of nature indoors while we handle the work. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to care for your plants or adding it to the end of your to-do-list. We’ve got everything covered, from watering to cleaning, fertilising, pruning, control of insects and diseases, as well as replacing plants to ensure your indoor plant hire is immaculately presented at all times. Our trained technicians will make regularly scheduled visits when it is convenient for you.

If you truly want to understand the benefits of indoor plant hire, work with the Frenchams Group today. With decades of experience and a wealth of horticultural knowledge, our team has the expertise needed to design, source and implement an inspired green office space. From tiny office nooks to vast multi-story office fit outs, we bring workspaces to life with some of the best interior plantscaping the industry has to offer.

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