Top 9 reasons why hiring indoor office plants beats buying them

Healthy indoor office plants create a welcoming, positive environment for both staff and visitors. What’s more, studies show that indoor plants improve air quality and boost the general well-being of employees.

Buying vs office plant hire

So, between buying indoor office plants and hiring them, which is the better option? Using the services of an indoor plant hire company certainly seems to come out on top. Read on to find out nine reasons why.

1. Save money by hiring office plants

Whether you rent or buy your own plants, you will have to spend money.

If you just want some greenery for your desk, you can save on costs by buying your own indoor plant and your own nice pot to put it in. If you’re looking to transform your office space into a lusher, healthier place of business, then using a professional plant hire service is the most cost-effective option.

For a start, when you hire plants from a reputable company, you’ll get high-quality plants sourced from the best growers. You’ll also get attractive, functional pots and containers that won’t damage or spoil your office floors and furnishings.

Plus, professional plant hire companies will take care of your plants, saving you time, money and guesswork. If any of your greenery does start to look less than healthy – many indoor plants have a use-by date – the experts will treat your green friends immediately or replace them at no extra cost. It’s all part of the service when you hire office plants.

2. Hiring office plants means you get your own gardener

When you choose to hire your office plants rather than buying them, it’s a bit like having your own personal gardener. Not only will a professional plant hire company do all the research on which plants to use, but they will also take care of the planning, design, installation, maintenance and replacement of your flora.

If you opt to buy your own office vegetation, you’ll need to find a green-thumbed staff member to take care of all aspects of creating and maintaining your indoor garden.

3. Expert research and planning comes with plant hire

To create a thriving plantscape and get maximum return on your investment, thorough research and planning is key. That’s exactly what you’ll get from a professional company.

Our plant hire process, for example, begins with a visit to your office space. We’ll give you the chance to talk about your specific requirements and budget and show us precisely where you’d like to install your indoor plants.

4. Beautiful designs from an indoor plants expert

The next step to getting the indoor garden of your dreams involves design – ideally one that’s beautiful, tailored and cost-effective.

As well as taking aesthetics, your individual needs and your budget into account, our expert designers will also consider:

  • Functionality – Do you want your indoor plants to do something specific such as purify the air, express your brand, tie in with a special theme, screen off certain office areas or reduce noise levels?
  • Health and safety – Indoor plants and pots should never endanger staff or visitors in any way.
  • The environmental conditions of your office – This includes light, temperature, humidity and space restrictions.

5. Fast, hassle-free installation of indoor plants

Whether you’re putting in a green wall or sprucing up your office with floor planters, installing an indoor plantscape can be a big job. Good planning is essential, and you’ll need to make sure you have all the right equipment on hand. This includes suitable pots, quality soil and tools for lifting and moving heavy plants.

If you’re doing the installation yourself, you’ll also need to make sure you’re not in breach of any workplace health and safety regulations. If you work with professional plant hire services like ours, we will comply with all relevant policies when it comes to lifting, transporting, moving and placing new plants.

In addition, we will deliver and install your plants at a time that suits you. We’ll also provide appropriate pots, and we can even custom-build planters and green walls to fit perfectly into your space.

6. Regular maintenance of indoor plants

A key benefit of hiring your indoor plants is the routine maintenance you’ll get as part of the package.

Whether you have stand-alone vegetation or indoor green walls – which sometimes require extra maintenance – our expert staff will ensure you always have healthy plants.

During visits, our maintenance crew will:

  • Inspect your hired plants and pots
  • Clean and shine leaves
  • Trim and remove any damaged, unhealthy or spent foliage and flowers
  • Water and feed each plant according to its individual needs

7. Professional indoor plant hire includes plant replacement

If any of your green office buddies do not look happy and healthy, a plant specialist company will usually replace them with new plants at no extra cost. At our company, plant replacement is part of our gold standard service.

8. Access to a full range of services from indoor plant hire specialists

Plant hire professionals can take care of all aspects of research, planning, design, installation, maintenance and replacement. At Frenchams, we can also collaborate with architects and interior designers during the planning and design stages.

If you buy your own office vegetation, you won’t have ready access to a full range of expert plant services.

9. Hiring indoor office plants is more flexible

Another big advantage of hiring indoor office plants instead of buying them is that it’s a much more flexible and cost-effective arrangement.

Change is a constant in the corporate world. Organisations scale up and down, relocate and pivot with more frequency than ever. By renting your indoor plants, your business will have more options when change inevitably occurs.

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