Why indoor gardens make the ideal working space

Office design is extremely important. No one wants to work in a plain, boring, sterile office surrounded by dull cabinetry and bare walls. It doesn’t inspire creativity or motivate anyone to get innovative when it comes to new ideas. A recent study from Harvard found that when we work in green-certified offices, we get a 26% boost in cognition, have 30% fewer sickness related absences and a reported a 6% rise in sleep quality. This is just the start of the many psychological benefits that can be received from adding plants to your workplace or office. Below are some of the reasons behind why an indoor garden makes the ideal work space:
Over the past 30 years, research has shown that green spaces within offices promote public health. Contact with nature can shift highly stressed people into a more positive emotional state. One study identified eight ways in which people perceive green urban spaces. The words that people used to describe how they felt in urban green spaces included serene, peaceful, calm, refuge, culture and social, which confirms the importance of considering plant life when it comes to indoor office environments or commercial spaces.
Creating a green space in your office provides a relaxation zone for your employees, a space where they gather for coffee or lunch, and bring balance into their work day. Plants add moisture to the air, which helps to increase humidity levels and lowers the overall temperature of the room. This will make your employees feel more comfortable while they are working. Larger plants, especially our green walls, make amazing sound barriers, which reduces noise between work areas and makes your employees feel more at peace while they work.
The performance of your employees is directly linked to the physical environment they are working in. This means that their visual and spatial surroundings can have a huge impact on their inward psychology. Spending up to eight hours a day in a single, stale environment can certainly put a halt on your employee’s creativity. Plants help the workspace feel homelier by increasing its aesthetic value. Time after time, employees report more innovative thinking and creative ideas when they are surrounded by beautiful foliage. At the Frenchams Group, we specialise in creating green urban spaces that connect people with nature. When we bring greenery into offices, airports, hospitals and shopping centres, they don’t just make stunning features, they also improve mood, boost productivity, and can even help with problem-solving. Contact us today for a free onsite consultation!

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