An easy way to boost your agency’s creative image with indoor plants

Running a creative agency is as rewarding as it is challenging.  Competition for new clients is fierce, and there is an ever-present need to stand out from the rest. 

Whether public relations, web design, marketing… or an architectural or interior design agency, you know that having the right image and reputation is vital. 

Creativity is at the core of what you offer. But how to convey it? A great portfolio, clear communications and experience is obviously important.

Logically so. But your services are ideas and innovative concepts not yet executed.  It takes a leap of faith for your prospective clients to take you onboard. 

There is more to influencing clients’ decision-making processes.  The subtleties of non-verbal, environmental cues shouldn’t be forgotten. So it helps to give out visual cues everywhere you can to support your creative offerings.

Image boosting through indoor plantscaping

It’s time to think left of field for how you present your agency. One powerful and easy way successful agencies are showcasing their workplace is with bespoke indoor plantscaping installations.

Indoor plantscaping is the display of living plants in an artistic way to enhance interior design.

Decorating with plants indoors has been elevated in recent years into a stunning art form. It is a true expression of creativity which elicits a ‘wow’, feel-good reaction. It projects your image in all the right ways, saying ‘creativity lives here’.

Imagine walking your prospective customer through your newly plantscaped reception space.  Then take them through to a meeting room with a tranquil plant installation to help put their mind and body at ease.  Let them gaze through the overall office space permeated with stunning plants… taking in an impression of an innovative workspace.

Or if you’re meeting clients through video conference, your strategically placed plant art can be seen in the background for much the same effect.

Seeing a plantscaped space elicits surprise and delight.  This helps relax the mind. It’s another step to giving your prospective clients confidence in you. So let’s look at some of the ways plantscaping can be used to help get the ‘wow’ into your office.

Green walls that stop people in their tracks—in a good way

Green walls (sometimes called bio walls, eco walls or vertical gardens) have really come of age in terms of design and impact.  They are walls covered in live plants.

And yes, the best time to install green walls is at the building or office fit-out phase.  But—and this may come as a surprise to some—green walls can absolutely be installed to pre-existing spaces, without the need for additional plumbing.

That’s because there are many different kinds of green walls: from single pots within a framework to entire vertical structures with their own soil and irrigation systems.  Using the latest techniques, these can be carefully planned and installed with minimum disruption.

For dramatic effect, green walls can consist of different plant species which contrast and complement one another, creating depth and shades of greenery or colour. If you like, the greenery can surround your agency’s logo.

Look-my-way pots and planters

As with all interior design, the way plants are presented can be highly stylised and made to look spectacular.  The drama may lie in the size of the plants, or in combinations of plants in clusters. 

The supporting role is the choice of planters which can themselves create an impact.

There are planters of all shapes, including cube, cone or cylinder. Or an ‘in-situ’ or desk planter which is custom made and positioned as part of the fittings. This is a beautiful way of creating a striking oasis within an open floor working area, meeting rooms or at the reception.

To complete the look, there are different toppings that may be added to cover the soil, such as pebbles, coconut fibre or wood chips.

The feedback loop of creativity

As you are working on projecting a creative image, there is an element of self fulfillment too.  A creativity feedback loop, if you will.

Because you and your staff are bound to be captivated and inspired by the power of the plantscaping. Being surrounded by plants and beauty helps create a sense of well-being and comfort… which helps increase creativity (and productivity) at your agency.That’s a win on both sides of the fence.

Get Planning Your Office Indoor Plants

If you want to explore the possibilities of plantscaping your office, the first step is to consult an experienced interior landscape design expert. They will visit your office and help generate ideas, taking into account such elements as natural and artificial lighting, humidity, temperature, ceiling height, existing office design, the space available and safety elements.  And, of course, your vision for what you’d like.

Being living installations, you would need to ensure your green walls or other plantscaping elements are properly maintained. 

A good plant hire company will provide a discreet maintenance service which includes watering, fertilising, pruning, cleaning, disease and pest control and if necessary, plant replacement to ensure everything is always immaculately presented.

If you would like to know more, contact us at Frenchams for a complimentary on-site consultation.

With experience in using the latest cutting-edge techniques and design elements, we can plan, create, install and maintain plantscaping to transform your office.  In big, beautiful, impactful ways. 

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